Art by Louise Chen

aka Ouizi (wee-zee)

Lettering practice in my sketchbook
Botanica Fabrica
Collage on wood, 3x5 inches
I am having a solo Art Show! It’s about mysticism, magic, the occult, and the divine. There will be brand new, never before seen paintings, sculptures, trinkets, drawings, and more! It’s at The Barbershop Gallery, at 5048 West Jefferson Blvd. in Los Angeles, CA. The opening reception is from 8pm to midnight on Friday, July 5th! The show will be up until Friday August 2nd, and then we will have a closing show on the last night!
Diplomatic Boner. Detroit, MI
handbags, couture, lizards, designer, mock photo shoot
hand painted ukulele, church of FUN in Los Angeles, summer 2013
metal planchette made of bicycle parts and scrap metal

The Dragon

It was a cold and grey day in Silver Lake. The sounds of chatter and skill saws filled the air, stirring the dragon from her slumber. She opened her glassy eyes, let out a fiery yawn, and climbed down the ladder from her attic lair.  The kitchen was full of last night’s haul, so she got down on some dragon munchies and gulped a jug of water fresh from the lake. 

After breakfast, she caught a gust of wind and headed south with a sense of urgency, towards the smell of flowers and damp wood. She traveled for miles and crossed many lands, almost growing too exhausted to go on. She did not know where she was going, just that she had to get there.

Finally, she arrived at her destination, the Forest of Enlightenment. There, she found the smallest and saddest tree she had ever known. At the sight of this, the fire in her heart grew big, and her scales fluttered like butterfly wings. Almost as if a force was guiding her, she made an altar out of twigs, flower petals, and stones from the riverbed. Then she closed her eyes and sang a prayer to the gods of F.U.N. for this tree to be happy and grow as tall as the tallest tree in the world, then even taller. 

When she opened her eyes, she was back in the land of Silver Lake, the sun was out, and she was surrounded by her Monkey King and the Holy Reverends of the Church of F.U.N. She smiled and declared that day to be the Best Day Ever.

Screen printing process
A gift for red
Garden cart
Pdx print
hand painted wallpaper at the Church of FUN